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5 WebStarts Content Marketing Features That Drive Traffic To Your Website

 Content marketing is all the rage online because it's how to attract the two big traffic drivers on the web, social media, and search engines. Here are 5 WebStarts feature to help you drive more traffic to your site with content marketing.

1. The Blog

If you have a website and want to produce the type of content that Google loves you'll need a blog. Even if nobody reads your blog it will still get crawled and the links back to your homepage will still help build your link profile. Of course your goal should always be to create great content that actually gets read because then it's more likely to get shared on social networks.

2. Built In Photography

One of the things that makes for great content is great photography. In reality most small businesses can't afford to have a professional photo shoot every time they create a blog post. Instead they must rely on online stock photography. Normally that can be time consuming and expensive. WebStarts includes built-in professional stock photography that's free for you to use anywhere online. This will hep you create better conent and drive traffic to your website.

3. Icons

Icons are popular with websites because they provide visual cues to the site's content. When you're skimming a page trying to determine whether you'd like to invest the time to read it icons let you know when you're on the right track. You can add an icon for just about anything to your website right from within the WebStarts editor. All you need to do is login and click on add > icon and then select the icon that works best for your content. 

4. Social Sharing

Allowing people to easily share the content on your website is an important way to get traffic. By adding Facebook, Twitter, and other social media share buttons to your content in the WebStarts editor you're sure to give your traffic a boost.

5. Traffic Booster

On top of everything else WebStarts offers we'll even submit your newly created content to Google when you pay for our Traffic Booster add-on. Traffic booster submits content to Google and gets it indexed faster than if you were to just sit around and wait for Google to crawl it on their own. You can learn more about traffic booster here.