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5 Features That Make WebStarts Different From Other Website Builders

There are a lot of website builders on the market. Here are five features that make WebStarts different.

1. WebStarts includes a domain name.

WebStarts is the only website builder that includes a domain name when you upgrade to a paid plan. Other website builders charge an additional fee or give you a discount with a third party. At WebStarts not only do we include the domain name for your website but that domain name is configured to work with your site automatically. So unlike other website builders you don't need to manage name servers and the likes. Your domain just works with your site after you add it.

2. WebStarts submits your website to Google.

When you upgrade to a paid plan with WebStarts your site is submitted to Google. That means your website will begin showing amongst Google's search results. In addition sites built with WebStarts are more likely to rank well since they're rendered in HTML. Sites rendered in HTML as opposed to JavaScript are more cost effective to crawl and therefore are preferred by Google as determining the context of the page is faster, easier, and cheaper.

3. WebStarts is truly drag and drop easy.

Other website builers say they're drag and drop but they don't give you the control you have with WebStarts over the appearance of your website. WebStarts provides a true drag and drop experience that allows you to drag elments wherever you'd like them to appear on a page. Competing website builders limit you to dragging an element to a section, but you're then locked into that block. That stops you from being able to place an element exactly where you want.

4. WebStarts lets you create way more than a website.

Other website builders are just static pages with little to no interactivity. With WebStarts you can create an interactive website with features like Store, blogs, comments, forms, and a lot more. In additon WebStarts is loaded with features that help you engage with site visitors, get notified when someone places an order, fills out a form, leaves a comment, and a whole lot more.

5. WebStarts websites can accept credit card payments right away.

If you're trying to make money from your website you need a way to accept payments. With other website builders getting setup to accept credit card payments can be a tedious process that involved applying for a merchant account, going through a banks underwriting department, and then integrating a payment gateway. With WebStarts your website is ready to begin accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as soon as you enable the Store application.