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5 Ways To Get People To Read Your Emails

Here are 5 ways to get people to read your emails.

1. Make sure they get into the inbox.

If your emails go to the spam folder or are blocked completely they're not going to get read regardless of how well written they are.

2. Create compelling subject lines.

Just like going to the spam folder, if your email doesn't get opened it's not going to get read. People are more likely to open your email if the subject line is compelling. I find "curiosity kills the cat" when it comes to subject lines. So if you say something "Do you remember this..." works well.

3. Consider your sending from address.

People determine which emails are important and worth reading based not only on the subject line but who's sending the email to them. If they find the email is from a trusted source, someone they know, they're more likely to open it. Try changing up your from address to be personal and make sure you're someone they want to hear from.

4. Make the content easy to skim read.

People are only going to glance at your content so the information should be displayed in a way that focuses on the main point and lets them know what to do next. Some of the ways to do this are to use large fonts, use bullet points, and have a clear call to action.

5. Have a hook.

Because people are only going to give you a few seconds of attention to know whether your email is worth reading you'll need to come up with a few words that compel them to keep paying attention. These days people are going to immediately sniff out anything that sounds like you're trying to sell them something so consider creating hooks that make the reader feel like the content is necessary information, or that you're going to teach them something. Really any one liner that communicates to the reader they're going to stave off a problem or get a benefit from paying attention to your email.