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10 reasons you should be writing a blog

A blog is great for many things. In this post I'll talk about 10 of them. I've broken them into two categories, personal and business. Hopefully this post will inspire you to write your own.

For Personal

1. It relieves stress. Expressing yourself gives you peace because it's a great way to get something off your chest.

2. Record life events. One day you'll look back and wish you'd recorded your thoughts for yourself, your children, or even grandchildren.

3. Share your experiences. Writing a blog is a great way to share the places you've traveled or things you've done.

4. Teach someone something. Chances are you know a lot or are pretty good at something. Why not help make someone better by sharing?

5. Keep a journal. You can write posts for your eyes only as long as you save them as a draft instead of publishing them to the web.

For Business

6. Content marketing. Creating a steady flow of relevant content about your products and services helps you gain awareness online.

7. Link building. To get good search ranking you need links back to your website. When you create a blog just links back to your site. 

8. Share important news with your customers. When you release a new product or sign a new client tell the story to encourage your customers.

9. Establish yourself as an expert in your field by sharing inside information.

10. Share project details. A blog is perfect for sharing information about a collaborative project or task.

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