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10 Reasons You Should Be In The Cloud

What does it mean to be in the cloud? It means instead of storing your software and data on your local computer, you're storing it remotely and accessing it through the internet. Here are 10 reasons you should be in the cloud.

1. Your data is available everywhere.

Instead of having to install software and moving data from computer to computer you can access it all from any computer connected to the internet.

2. Works on multiple platforms.

When your data lives in the cloud, all you need to access it is a browser regardless of the type of device or operating system you're using.

3. You don't have to backup.

Since your data is stored on redundant servers in the cloud, you don't have to back up your data. When something fails, you just pick up where you left off in the cloud.

4. Automatic updates.

Instead of having to install software updates, everythings updated for you. That means there's no files to download and install on your computer.

5. Less expensive.

It's usually less expensive to buy software that lives in the cloud because the cost of marketing and distributing software greatly decreases.

6. Security.

When you install software on your local computer there's a chance it could be infected with a virus, ransomware, spyware, or other malicious code. When workng with software in the cloud nothing is installed on your computer so there's no risk of contracting a virus.

7. Reduces the burden of an IT department.

Once again since cloud based software lives offsite and is not installed on your computer, you won't be needing to bug an IT guy every few minutes about why the software is not working. If you need help with sofware in the cloud you're usually able to submit a ticket online or place a phone call to the company and they can remotely troubleshoot any problems you're having from there.

8. Scalability.

If you're running a software stack on-site, new features may require new hardware. When you use software that runs in the cloud you're never having to worry about these types of decisions. New features and versions are deployed with the hardware they need at a datacenter in the background. That means you don't have to worry about such matters.

9. Quicker implemenation.

Cloud services like WebStarts website builder are implemented more quickly because they only require a couple of steps to sign up and you're ready to begin using the sofware. On site software often times requires not only installation but also configuration. 

10. Pay as you go.

Unlike with software programs you install on your computer with SaaS (software as a service) you're able to pay as you go. That means you're only paying for the software you use and nothing more.