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3 Reasons You Must Update Your Website Regularly

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to your online presence is failing to keep your website updated. There are many reasons why people don't make keep their website up to date. If you build your website in a traditional manner you need to create your content, be at the computer where the content is stored, and then upload the content files to your server. If you can get that far you'll still need to check the way your updates look in each browser. For most people the whole process is time consuming and confusing.

Here are 3 reasons why updating your website is critical

Search engine ranking

Google figured out long ago people perceive their search results to be more relevant when the results are newly published articles, stories, and updated pages. Therefore Google gives better search engine ranking to those website who keep their content fresh. It's critical for Google to keep people coming back in order for them to sell more advertising. This fresh content in their search results ensure they'll continue being the search engine of choice.

You get credibility

There are billions of webpages on the internet and sadly many of them have long been abandoned. When you update your website regularly you're telling your audience there are real people behind the website and it's okay to do business with them. This added credibility means more of your site visitors become your clients.

Keep your audience coming back

When you update your website your site visitors begin to expect to find something new on your site and keep coming back. The more frequently your visitors come back to your website the more likely they are to do business with you.

WebStarts simplifies the process of updating your website. With WebStarts there is not complicated uploading and downloading of webpages. Your website is stored in the cloud and so you can make changes anytime, anywhere, from any computer in the world that's connected to the internet. You can build a website with WebStarts by clicking here.