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Here are a few tips to help you start earning money right away...

1. Send emails to your contact list.

We all have email contacts. Simply send one of our pre-written email invitations to people in your contact list or better yet make your own email telling them about the benefits of using WebStarts to build your website. Your contacts will be glad you turned them on to the free service.

You can use the following example email...


I just built my website with this great service called WebStarts. WebStarts is everything you need to make a free website. I highly recommend it.

You can sign up for your own free account here:

Just copy and paste into your email program and be sure to add your own affiliate ID to the end of the URL.

2. Post your affiliate link on sites like Yahoo Answers.

Sites like Yahoo Answers are a great place to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Simply search for questions people are asking that have to do with building their website. For example: You can search for people asking questions that contain the phrase "free website". When you tell them WebStarts is a great place to build a free website be sure to include your affiliate link in the answer.

You can sign up or login to Yahoo Answers here.

3. Post your affiliate link in the comments section of blogs and on forums.

Use Google and other search engines to find forums and blogs that discuss things like web design, website building, and website development. When you find blog articles and forums that have to do with building a website, be sure to leave a relative comment along with your affiliate link.

4. Post your affiliate link on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networks.

Don't forget to share your affiliate link on social networks. For example: Login to your Facebook account and post your affiliate link on your wall or post your affiliate link to your friend's wall.

5. Post your affiliate link on your website.

If you already use WebStarts then you know how easy and quickly you can add your affiliate link to your website. Don't overlook this super easy way to drive traffic to your affiliate link. Simply post your affiliate link with some text that says "Click here to make a free website" or something similar.

If you don't already have a WebStarts website be sure to make a free website of your own by clicking here.

6. Print your affiliate link on business cards and other printed marketing materials.

A great way to get highly targeted leads to your affiliate link is to print your affiliate link on a business card or brochure and hand them out in local businesses. There are a ton of businesses that can utilize WebStarts. Don't forget to remind them that WebStarts is free and they have nothing to lose. Businesses are more likely to upgrade to a Pro Account and therefore you're more likely to earn a commission when you refer them to WebStarts.

You can get 250 free business cards and add your affiliate link to them by clicking here.

7. Advertise on pay per click search engines like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing

Advertise your affiliate link on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. All you have to do is sign up and drop the keywords and phrases below into your account.

Here are the links where you can sign up to become a pay per click search engine advertiser

Google Adwords
Yahoo Search Marketing
MSN Adcenter

Here are some keywords and phrases you should advertise under

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Following these simple, but extremely valuable tips will help ensure you the best chance of making money with the WebStarts affiliate program.

Remember - WebStarts is different from other affiliate programs because there is no selling. All you do is give away free websites. When someone builds a free website with WebStarts and upgrades to a WebStarts Pro or Pro Plus account, you earn money. They don't have to upgrade right away for you to get paid. You'll earn a commission if at any point in the future they upgrade their account.

You get paid $12.50 for each person who upgrades to a WebStarts Pro account, $18 for each person who upgrades to a WebStarts Pro Plus account and $25 for each person who signs up for a Pro account and Ecommerce account.

These days nearly everyone can use a website. So the potential market for giving away free websites is huge. And because our tools are easy to use and our Pro account prices are low, you'll find a good percentage of the people who build a free website with WebStarts will eventually upgrade. When they do, you'll make money.

In fact. If just 5% of the free websites you give away eventually end up upgrading to a Pro Account you'll earn some pretty good money.

Here are some examples:

10 free sign ups per day @5% conversion rate = $187.50 per month
100 free sign ups per day @5% conversion rate = $1,875.00 per month
1000 free sign ups per day @5% conversion rate = $18,750.00 per month

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