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Creating A Mobile Version of Your Website

The editor gives you the power to create both a desktop and mobile version of your website. Creating a mobile optimized version can provide you with some advantages. To start creating a mobile version of your website, click the mobile icon in the top right hand corner of the editor view.

The idea behind the editor in the mobile view is to take the content you created in the desktop view and intelligently arrange it to look good on a mobile device. If at anytime you get lost in the mobile view you can click re-order and all the elements of your site will be re-ordered in the way the editor believes to be most logical.

When creating a mobile version of your site it’s all about choosing to display the right things to your visitors. So there maybe somethings you’d like to display on the desktop version of your site but not the mobile. This is why you hide things in the mobile editor as opposed to deleting them. When you hide an element it will be listed under the hidden section of the left side panel. To hide an element click on it and then click the eye icon. To bring it back click the eye icon to the right of the element listed in the side panel.

You probably don’t want people to see your mobile version until it’s ready. For that reason you’ll need to enable your mobile site view when you’re ready. Do that by clicking on the settings icon in the left panel and clicking on the enable mobile switch.

Something else you’ll notice when creating a mobile view is how your menu is consolidated into a square with a few lines. When your site visitor clicks on that, it will expand to show them all of their navigation options.

Other than these few things the mobile editor works like the desktop editor. You can drag and drop your elements where you’d like them to appear, move them forward and backward by layer, and resize them. To learn how to do more specifics using the mobile editor be sure to checkout the mobile support documentation.