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How To Add An Instagram Feed To Your Website

To add an Instagram feed to your website follow these steps.

1. Login to your WebStarts account and choose the edit the page where you’d like the Instagram feed to appear.

2. While in the page editor click “Apps” from the toolbar and then click on the “Instagram” icon.

3. Click on the corresponding tab to the type of feed you’d like to place on your page. You can choose to display your personal feed, a public feed, or a feed that contains a hashtag. If you’d like to access your Instagram feed you’ll need to click the button labeled “Authorize” and give Instagram permission to share your photos with WebStarts.

4. Select the Instagram feed layout you’d like on your page. You can choose from slideshow, gallery, or polaroid.

5. Choose the number of posts you’d like displayed in your feed, wether you’d like just photos, just videos, or both photos and videos. You can also choose a transition between posts and whether you’d like your feed to autoplay.

6. Click the button labeled “Insert Feed” and then drag and drop your Instagram feed where you’d like it to appear on your website.