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How To Customize Your WebStarts Designer Platform

There are several things you can do to customize your WebStarts Designer Platform. You can upload a logo, enter a phone number, and create a unique web address where you clients can login in order to make changes to their site. (Note: You don’t need to allow clients to make changes to their own website. This is entirely up to you.) To customize your Designer Platform follow these steps.

Step 1: To change the business name that appears on your Designer Platform interface simply enter your business name into the field provided.

Step 2: Enter your phone and and choose whether you want your phone number to be displayed to your clients.

Step 3: Upload a logo of your choice. Logos will look best if they are 160px x35px.

Step 4: Set a custom web address where your clients can login and make changes to their site by clicking on the “edit” icon and then choose the your web address settings.

Step 5: When your ready to apply all your changes click the button labeled “Update”.