WebStarts Support

How to Place Your Website Under Construction

Placing your website under construction is useful if you would like to make changes without anybody seeing your work until it is finished. To place your webstarts website under construction, follow these steps:

Step 1

Build a new page just as you would any other page of your website and title it “Under Construction”.

Step 2

Under “Shown on Menu” and “Display Menu” change the “Yes” to “No” so that your under construction page will not lead your visitors to your other pages. This is done from your dashboard “My Pages” section.

Step 3

Using the “Set Home Page” Feature, select the “Under Construction” page as your new home page.

That is it. Make sure to refresh your live website in order to see the new under construction page. When you are ready to go live with your home page again, just switch it back using the “Set Home Page” feature.