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How to Change your Domain Name DNS Name servers settings

If you need to change the domain name DNS name servers at anytime, it’s really easy to do.  This procedure might be necessary if you want to give control of the domain name to another domain name registrar without actually transferring the domain name away from WebStarts.

Step 1. At the dashboard, click on “Manage Domains.”

Step 2. Click on the pencil icon of the domain name you wish to change the DNS name server information.

Step 3. If the name server information is greyed out and you can’t change the name server listed under “DNS settings,” click on the “unlock” radio button under “Domain Locking” and click “Save.”

Step 4. Once the domain name is unlocked, you can edit the name servers.

Step 5. Once complete editing the name server information, you may “Lock” the domain name again by clicking on the radio button.  If you do not wish to lock the domain name, then proceed to click “Save

Congradulations, you edited the DNS Name Servers!