WebStarts Support

How to Forward a Domain name

If you own more than one domain name within WebStarts, you can have ability to have two or more domain name forward to an existing website you created.  This can be very useful to get people to your website.  Here’s how to forward your domain name:

Step 1. at the dashboard screen, select “Manage Domains

Step 2. At the list of domain names you own, select the domain name that you want to point to your primary domain name.

Step 3. Where it says Forward Domain click on the radio button to “Forward to:” and type in the domain name.  NOTE: make sure you provide the full link with the http:// lines (for example: http://www.webstarts.com).

Step 4. Click the “Save” button.

NOTE: Forwarding a domain name typically takes up to 24hrs for the change to apply once you saved the changes.