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How To Sell Ebooks Online With WebStarts

Use the following steps to start selling ebooks online using a WebStarts website and a WebStarts shopping cart system:

Step 1: Sign up for your free website at www.WebStarts.com.

Step 2: Edit a page in your website to display some information about your product. Its a good idea to enter a paragraph or two as well as a photograph to describe the product.

Step 3: Add a portion of text that says “Click Here to Buy This Ebook Now” or something to that effect.

Step 4: Upload your ebook to your File manager by clicking “Insert, File”. Find and upload the file.

Step 5: Locate the file in your file manager and right click the thumbnail. Either click “properties” or click “copy image location”. If you click “properties”, you will need to locate the URL of that file and copy it by highlighting, right clicking, and selecting “copy”.

Step 6: Log into your shopping cart account and click the “Products” tab. You can purchase the shopping cart system through your Pro or pro plus account or go to www.WebStarts.com/shopping-cart.

Step 7: Click “Add Products” and fill out the information for your ebook. Click “Next”.

Step 8: Click “Digital Delivery” and fill out any information there. For “Download instructions”, enter “Click on the link below to download the ebook”. For “Download Link Text”, enter “Click here to download”.

Step 9: Click on the “Products” tab and find your ebook.

Step 10: Click on the “Get Product Links” for that product and copy the “quick buy link”.

Step 11: In your WebStarts website, where you entered the portion of text that says “Click Here to Buy This Ebook Now”, highlight that text and click the “Create Hyperlink” button on your toolbar.

Step 12: Paste the link into the Link Address and click “Create Link”.

The hyperlink you created will take the customer to a checkout page where they can purchase the ebook. The next page they see will allow them to download the ebook that they paid for. After all of these steps are taken, you will have created a fully functional online store and you will be selling ebooks online.