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How To Sell Digital Products Using WebStarts Shopping Cart

WebStarts’ Shopping Cart system allows you to sell digital products like music, ebooks, software, videos and more. Selling digital products has great potential because you can sell as many copies as you’d like with no additional overhead costs. Use the following steps to get started selling digital products with your WebStarts shopping cart system and your WebStarts website.

Step 1: Log into your WebStarts Shopping Cart account and click the “Products” tab.

Step 2: Click “Add Product” and fill out the information. You will not fill out the “Weight” field since it is a digital product. Click “Next”.

Step 3: Click on “Digital Delivery” and fill out the information here. You can set the downloads to expire after a specified amount of days. Enter “Click here to download your digital product” in the “Extended Downloads Text” field.

Step 4: Enter the download instructions in the field called “Download Instructions. I am using “click on the link to download your digital product”.

Step 5: We need to find the URL of the file you are selling. Go to your WebStarts web editor and click “Insert, File”. Click “Browse” and upload your digital product. Roll your mouse over the file in your file manager to see the URL of the file. You can also create a link to the file http://www.webstarts.com/support/link-to-file.php, then right click and select “properties” to see the URL of that file. You will need to copy the URL of that file.

Step 6: In your shopping cart account, paste the URL of the file in the field titled “File URL”. Fill out “Download Link Text” and click “Add”.

Step 7: Click “View” to preview the product and add the product to your website as you would any other. For help, click¬†here.