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How To Sell Digital Products Like Ebooks, Music, And Videos With PayPal

You can sell digital products using WebStarts and PayPal by following these steps.

Step 1. Upload your digital product to your WebStarts website by clicking on Insert>File while in the page editor view.
Step 2. Create a page where your customers can download your digital product after they have completed checkout. We’ll call this the purchase confirmation page.
Step 3. Create a link on the purchase confirmation page to your digital product. You can do this by typing the words “Download Here”, selecting that text, clicking on the hyperlink tool and choosing the option to like to the file.
Step 4. Login to your PayPal account and click on the Merchant Services tab and choose the option to create a buy now button.
Step 5. Configure your buy now button in your PayPal account and be sure to choose the option to send your customers to the purchase confirmation page after they have completed checkout.
Step 6. Place your buy now button onto the page where you will be promoting your product by clicking Insert>HTML Code from the toolbar and then pasting the code from your PayPal buy now button into the area provided. Click Ok and then drag and drop your button where you’d like it to appear.

Step 7. Save your changes and click the “My Account Dashboard” link in your WebStarts account and return to your account dashboard. While on your account dashboard find your purchase confirmation page in your list of pages and choose the option to NOT show the page on your menu. This will prevent people from going around your checkout to download your products.