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How To Customize Your Shopping Cart Design

To change a theme login to your WebStartsShoppingCart.com account, click on the Settings tab and then click on the Design Settings tab. You’ll see a thumbnail image representing your current theme with a link that says “Change” to the right. Click on that link to display a selection of themes. You can preview a theme by clicking on the preview button and select a theme by clicking the select button.

You can view your current theme at any time by clicking on the “View Store” button in the upper righthand corner of your cart interface.

Now that you’ve selected a theme it’s time to further customize your cart. There are two primary areas you can customize, your homepage, and your catalog view. The Custom Text section allows you to type a description of your online store or enter HTML.

The company logo section allows you to upload a logo that will be displayed on your theme.
The header graphic option let’s you upload a custom header graphic that will appear in your theme. This can be any image you create.

At the bottom you can choose which options you’d like to display by checking the appropriate box. Be sure to save when you’re satisfied with your changes.

The homepage options let you upload a featured banner and also create a featured product URL. This is an image and link to a particular product you want to promote on your homepage. You can choose either a product you’ve created in your shopping cart or you can promote in URL by entering it in the field provided and clicking “Save”.