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How To Create An Email ‘Subscribe’ Form

With WebStarts’ shopping cart system, you can have a fully functional email marketing system that allows you to add subscribers at any time. You can either add these subscribers manually or they can be added through the use of a subscription form on your website. This form is very easy to create and place onto your website. To begin using this great feature and start getting subscribers today, use the following steps:

Step 1: Log into your shopping cart account and click the “Email Marketing” tab.

Step 2: You will have to create a list for the subscribers to be added to when they click “subscribe” so if you have not already created one, click “manage email lists”, then “Add list”. Give it a name, indicate WHO the email is from and what email address its from. Indicate whether or not you want to be notified of the results. Click “Add”.

Step 3: From there, click “Create Forms” to create a new subscription form.

Step 4: Select the list that you would like to be populated by this subscription form.

Step 5: Enter the URL of your confirmation page. For example, I want my customers to go to my contact page after they click subscribe, so I will enter “http://webstarts.com/contact” as my confirmation page.

Step 6: Click “Create” and the HTML code for your form will be created.

Step 7: Highlight all of the code and copy it by right clicking and choosing “copy” or you can use ctrl+C.

Step 8: In your WebStarts web editor, navigate to the appropriate page and click Insert, HTML code.

Step 9: Paste the form code into the box and click “Ok”.