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How To Create An Additional Website in Your Existing WebStarts Account

With Webstarts, you are able to create as many additional websites as you wish which can all be managed in the same account. You will have to upgrade your current site to a Webstarts Pro account to see the Add New Website icon however.

Step 1. Start by clicking the Add New Website icon located on your account dashboard.

Step 2. You will see the offer stating what you get when you Upgrade to a Pro account. Go ahead and click Continue from this page.

Step 3. You will then be taken to the checkout page where you will purchase the additional website. Fill out the page completely and click the Submit button.

Step 4. After you complete the checkout, you are taken to the purchase confirmation page. From here, click the Get Started Now button to start creating your new website.

Step 5. Choose the design you wish to have for your new site.

Step 6. Enter a site title or domain name for your new site.

Step 7. You will then be taken to the account dashboard for your new site where you can begin to edit your new website.