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How To Add An Existing Domain Name To Your Website

To add a domain name that you already own to your WebStarts website, use the following steps:

Step 1: Click the ‘Add Domain‘ icon or link from within your Webstarts account. This will open up the Domain Name dialog box.

Step 2: Choose the second option titled ‘I already own a domain name and would like to use it with WebStarts‘ and enter the domain name you would like to use in the space provided below. Click ‘Continue‘.

Step 3: If the domain name is available to use, then you will receive a Congratulations message stating so. Click the ‘Continue‘ button, choose the upgrade option that is best for you and proceed through the checkout process to complete your account upgrade and existing domain name association.

Before your domain will resolve to your website properly, you will need to edit the name servers for the domain name to point to the Webstarts name server. This needs to be done with the company where you originally registered the domain name. Our name servers are as follows:


Note: If you already have email associated with your existing domain name, changing your DNS records could cause your email to stop working. In this case the best thing is to do is¬†change your “A Record” with your existing domain registrar to instead of changing your DNS records. This will allow you to use your existing email accounts in the way you always have.