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How To Add A Form To Your Website

To add a form to your WebStarts website you must be upgraded to a Pro account or better and follow these steps.

Step 1. Choose to edit the page where you would like to add the form.

Step 2: Click on Tools>Form Builder from the toolbar in the page editor view.

Step 3: Choose the fields you would like to include on your form by clicking the checkbox to the right of each field. Check the box under the column labeled “Required” if you’d like to require a specific field to be completed for your site visitors to submit the form..

Step 4: Click the “Form Settings” tab on the left panel and choose which page you would like your visitors to be forwarded to upon submitting the form and also which email address you would like the form data sent to.

Step 5: Click the “Insert Form” button and drag the form where you’d like it to appear on your page.