Create a Landing Page For Your Website

When you build a website, you may want to have visitors reach a landing page or a splash page before they see the rest of your site. Use the following steps to create this effect on your website:

Step 1: Log into your account dashboard and locate the section that says “My Pages”.

Step 2: Click “Add New Page” to create a new page. Name the page “Home Page” or something similar because this will be the page the user will reach after they enter your site.

Step 3: Find the page that has the house symbol to the left of it. This is your “Home” or “Index” page. Click the pencil icon next to that page to bring up the editor.

Step 4: Design this page as your landing page. At some point, you will want to insert a text box that says “Click Here to Enter”. Alternatively, you can insert an image that says “Click Here to Enter” as both will work.

Step 5: Highlight the “Click Here to Enter” text or image and click the “create hyperlink” icon on your toolbar.

Step 6: When the dialog pops up, choose the page that you created in step 2. This will allow users to click directly to your “Home Page”.

Step 7: Save your changes and click “My Account Dashboard” to go back to your Account Dashboard.

Step 8: Find the “Index” page from Step 3 and under “Shown On Menu” and “Display Menu”, make sure “No” appears. This means that the user will not be able to navigate back to the landing page once they have clicked to enter. This also means that they will not see a navigation bar on the landing page and they will be forced to click to enter.