IVAN helps


The Identity Theft Victims Advocacy Network (IVAN) was founded in September 2006 to assist victims of identity theft through the collaborated efforts of various government and law enforcement agencies. IVAN members provide resources and assistance for the restoration and correction of victims' personal records to reduce the impact of identity theft. IVAN also strives to provide a voice for victims through education, prevention, detection, and prosecution, as well as developing processes and legislation to aid in the fight against identity theft.

Identity theft victims are often devastated by this crime, which can include the loss of jobs, homes, credit, driving privileges, Social Security and other benefits, and even incarceration for crimes committed by their impersonators.  Senior citizens are particularly targeted and hard hit, and the damage can be very time-consuming and costly to clean up.

IVAN has approximately 60 members in Colorado from Sterling to Grand Junction, Saguache to Ft. Collins, DA's Offices, County Attorneys, courts, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Vital Records, Division of Wildlife, US Postal Service, and local law enforcement.  We want to help.
If you're a victim of identity theft or misidentification, please visit the IVAN Contacts and Other Resources pages for assistance. If you are with a government or law enforcement agency and want to help, please visit the Membership page.  Thanks for your interest!