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How do I add a Guestbook to my website?

A great way to find out who has visited your website is to provide a Guestbook where visitors can enter their name (and also there photo in this case) to let you know they have been to your site.

Start by going to and choose the option to 'Make A Guestbook'. Slide is a nice website that creates several mini applications that work well with WebStarts so you may want to spend some time there looking at their different products.

Enter your first and last name and then upload a photo from your computer. You can upload a photo of yourself, an avatar, or any images you want to appear on your guestbook. The next couple of fields are optional. If you'd like go ahead and enter your location and a personal greeting you would like to display for your site visitors.

Once you've entered your name and uploaded your photo click save and you'll be prompted to login, create a new account, or skip.If you don't want to take the time to create an account and don't already have a login you can click on skip. The only downside to skipping the account login/creation step is that you will not be able to save changes to your guestbook.

After you click save your Guestbook HTML code will appear. Select the code and copy it to your clipboard. You can do this be highlighting all the code with your cursor, right clicking with the mouse and choosing copy. Navigate back to your WebStart page editor and click on the option to insert HTML code on the toolbar. Paste the code into the space provided and click 'OK'. Your Guestbook will be added to your webpage and you will be able to drag and drop it where you'd like it to appear.

Finally click on save in your WebStarts page editor view and your changes will be published to the web. You can then click on the link to your site to view your Guestbook. Your site visitors will now be able to sign your Guestbook and upload their photos.

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