5 Places To Get Free Backgrounds For Your Website

A background pattern on your website can give it a unique and interesting feel. Here are five of my favorite places to get background images for your website.

1. SubtlePatterns.com

Subtle Patterns has page of interesting images that are perfect for seamlessly tiling the background of your website. Clicking the preview button that appears when you hover over a sample let’s you quickly see what it looks like to have the pattern applied as the background of your site.

2. … Read More

10 Useless Websites To Help Pass The Day

It’s Friday and I know you probably don’t want to be at work.  So instead of pretending to be productive,  here are 10 useless websites to help pass time until the whistle blows.





1. http://hooooooooo.com

2. http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/

3. http://www.baconsizzling.com/

4. http://ducksarethebest.com/

5. http://salmonofcapistrano.com/

6. http://www.rrrgggbbb.com/

7. http://www.everydayim.com/

8. http://www.sanger.dk/

9. http://www.partridgegetslucky.com/

10. http://www.sadforjapan.com/Read More

5 Keyword Research Tools You Need For SEO

If you’ve read some of my articles in the past then you know keyword research is the first step of search engine optimization. You have know which keywords people are using when searching for your products and services. Sure you can pull out the old notepad and jot down a few dozen words that come to mind, but why not try a few of these helpful tools.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Okay, this one is pretty boring and widely covered, … Read More

5 WebStarts Features That Will Grow Your Business

If you have a website you probably got it to help grow your business by expanding your reach to new, potential customers. At WebStarts we under this, and so we’ve created a number of features to help you accomplish the goal. Here are 5 features we offer here at WebStarts that are sure to grow your business.

1. Contact Forms

One of the biggest challenges site owners face is the number of people who bounce after coming to a site. … Read More

10 Amazing WebStarts Features You Didn’t Know About

You already know WebStarts is everything you need to create a unique and beautiful website. But did you know about these 10 not-so-obvious features?

1. Video Backgrounds

What better way to standout from the crowd than a video background on your website? To do this click on the insert video icon on the toolbar, upload a video, find one through the Youtube search, or pull one from your Instagram account. Once the video is on the page click on the … Read More

8 Places You Should Be Promoting Your Website

Here at WebStarts we’re frequently asked the question “I’ve created a website, now what?”.  Once you have a website established you’re going to need to get people to find it. So here are 10 things you should do after creating a website to promote it.

1. Search engine optimization.

Search engines like Google are still the best place to be found online. Before you start any SEO campaign be sure to make a good list of keywords and phrases people … Read More

5 Web Design Mistakes That Will Cause Your Website Marketing Efforts To Fail

The web is a wonderful place to do business. Never before has it been so easy for one person or business to connect and discover customers. However many businesses still flounder when it comes to website marketing. If it’s so easy to find new customers online then what are the reasons so many fail. Checkout the list below.

1. No Traffic

You can have the greatest product or service in the world but if you’re not getting found online, it’s … Read More

New Feature – Tweak Your Design To Perfection by Adjusting Letter Spacing

Sometimes when I’m creating a website design I get inspiration from other websites. I’ll study pages carefully to figure out which subtleties draw me to a particular design. Many times this will come down to what’s called the typography. Typography is the way text appears on a page. It’s more than just a font, or size, typography is the sum total of all these tweaks combined.

One of the common things I notice about good looking typography is letter spacing. … Read More

New Feature – Add Icons To Buttons

Introducing a fun new feature from WebStarts. A couple of weeks ago we gave you the ability to add icons to your web designs. Today we’re taking that a step further and letting you add an icon to a button. Adding an icon to a button can set it apart from regular buttons and help convey its purpose.

To add an icon to a button you must first add a button to your page. You can do that by following these … Read More

Now You Can Add Icons To Your Website With WebStarts

Now you can put icons on your website with WebStarts. The new icon feature let’s you choose from hundreds of icons that can be placed on your webpages. In the past you may have had to upload icon images to get them to appear on your pages but with the new icon feature from WebStarts your icons are created as vectors. That means you can resize them however you’d like and they will never lose quality, and always look sharp.… Read More