Now You Can Add Icons To Your Website With WebStarts

Now you can put icons on your website with WebStarts. The new icon feature let’s you choose from hundreds of icons that can be placed on your webpages. In the past you may have had to upload icon images to get them to appear on your pages but with the new icon feature from WebStarts your icons are created as vectors. That means you can resize them however you’d like and they will never lose quality, and always look sharp.… Read More

5 Things That Make WebStarts The Best Free Website Builder

When we started WebStarts back in 2006 there weren’t many website builders out there. Times have changed and now it seems there’s almost as many website builders as there are websites. Well, maybe not quite that many, but none the less I figured it’s a good time to “toot our own horn” a little bit and remind everyone why WebStarts is the best free website builder.

1. Customer service.

Since WebStarts launched one thing that’s always separated us from … Read More

How To Find Free Stock Images Online

Finding photos and images for your website can be time consuming but featuring great looking images on your website is such a big part of making your web design look beautiful. There are a ton of paid services that will gladly allow you to license an image for a single use and charge you a hefty fee. Today I’m going to share with you ten places you can find free stock images that can be used for commercial purposes.

1.… Read More

How To Use Meerkat – Definitive User’s Guide

Have you heard of Meerkat? It’s a wonderful new app for iOS that let’s you stream live video from your phone while engaging with your Twitter followers. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself – What’s so great about that? ┬áThe thing that makes Meerkat great and one of the main reasons it’s catching on fast is the fact the Meerkat community isn’t made up of anonymous creeps and trolls. It’s made up of real, down to earth people, who are giving … Read More

5 Places To Get Web Traffic You Didn’t Know About

If you have a website you’re probably striving to get more visitors. Here are five places you can find more web traffic that you’ve never thought of.

1. American Express Open Forum.

I love this one because it’s a network of people who are serious about business. By participating in the American Express Open community you can share advice, blog posts, and answer questions. You can also ask questions. All of these interactions are opportunities to talk about your website … Read More

New Feature – Mobile Optimization for Your Website

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of our new mobile optimization feature. Now when you create a website using WebStarts you can create a version of your site specifically for mobile devices.

To use the mobile optimization feature you must first upgrade to a Pro Plus account. From the editor click on the mobile icon in the top right. Our unique mobile optimization engine will create a mobile version of your page which you can then tweak to your … Read More

5 Ways To Get More Word of Mouth Referrals From Online Marketing

Let’s get real for a minute. Even though it’s important to advertise your business and it would be terrific to get great search engine ranking the #1 way all businesses grow is through world of mouth referrals. A word of mouth referral is far more valuable than an advertisement because people get banner blindness and them out. So how can you use your website and online marketing efforts to get people talking about your business in a positive light? Here … Read More

10 Things You Must Do To Get The Most From Your Website

You have a website and traffic and now you’re wondering how to turn those website visitors into hard, cold, cash. Here are 10 things you must do to get the most out of your website.

1. Have fast loading pages.

If people click on a link to your site and it takes too long for your page to load they’ll click the back button and be gone forever. Make sure you’re using a fast and reliable web host like … Read More

5 Offline Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

There’s so much on the web about how to get free web traffic online, isn’t it about time we talked about how to get web traffic from offline sources? That’s what this article is all about. So here are 5 ways to drive traffic to your website offline.

1. Business Cards

Seems obvious doesn’t it? It is, and yet so few people remember to do it. When you get your business cards printed makes sure the domain name of your … Read More

5 Best Places To Advertise Online

There’s a lot of places competing for your internet advertising budget. So how can you know which places are boon and which are a bust? Here’s a guide to the 5 best places to advertise online.

1. Google Adwords

Google has a monopoly on searches, controlling as much as 85% of that audience. This makes Google’s Adword platform the most effective place to advertise online. To be successful however takes a significant amount of work. The first thing you need … Read More