How To Add A Pinterest Board Widget To Your Website

Pinterest is fast becoming one of the world’s largest social networks and most popular websites. For this reason having a presence on Pinterest is an important part of your marketing efforts. Adding a Pinterest widget to your website is a great way to build your Pinterest audience. That audience in turn is likely to share your pins with their network of friends, ultimately raising awareness and driving traffic to your website. Here’s how you can add a Pinterest board widget … Read More

How To Add A Twitter Feed To Your Website

Adding a Twitter feed to your website is a great way to let site visitors know there are real people behind the scenes. A Twitter feed displays the most recent tweets you’ve made on the social network. Here are step by step instructions on how to add a twitter feed to your website using WebStarts.

Step 1. Go to and login to your Twitter account. Of course if you haven’t already created a Twitter account you’ll need to do … Read More

WebStarts, Free Web Hosting and Whole Lot More

One of the many great things about WebStarts is our free web hosting. When you create a website with WebStarts there’s no need to sign up for a hosting account. Your hosting is included with all plans and never runs out. Normally hosting companies charge you from $8 to $30 per month but what makes WebStarts really powerful is that we’re so much more than free web hosting.

Normally if you’re building a website form scratch you’ll need to get … Read More

How To Get More Youtube Subscribers

Youtube is a great placed to promote your website. If Youtube was it’s own search engine it would command about 15% of all search traffic. That makes it the second biggest search engine next to Google. There’s more traffic to be had from Youtube than Yahoo and Bing combined. So how can you get traffic from Youtube? The best way to is to get subscribers. When someone subscribes to your Youtube channel they’ll be notified when you create new content. … Read More

How To Get Web Traffic Using StumbleUpon

We all want more traffic to our websites. After all more traffic means more leads and customers for our businesses. Here’s how you can get more web traffic to your website using the social bookmarking service StumbleUpon.

We all know about social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and you should definitely use those to get more traffic to your website. But have you heard about StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is the 164th most popular website on the web, yet you rarely … Read More

3 Reasons Small Business Websites Fail

I hear the story all the time… “I have a friend who’s doing my website”, “I have a cousin who’s doing my website”, “I hired a web guy to do my site”. Small business owners know in this day and age they need to have an online presence but all too often they entrust it to someone else. Often times this person is a buddy or a relative. They think those people have a special skill that’s out of their … Read More

Why Your Website Needs To Accept More Than PayPal

PayPal may seem  like the way to take money online at first glance but there are some problems. Here are three reasons your website needs more than just PayPal when taking payments online.

1. Consumer confidence

When PayPal is the only option for payment on your website it tells would be buyers you’re small time. Anyone can get a PayPal account and the world knows this. When I personally see PayPal as the only payment option I get skeptical. It … Read More

Win The Confidence of Your Site Visitors

There are so many websites on the internet and many of them are ghost towns. That means websites that don’t get regularly updated. There are so many of these it’s become entirely common for people to zone out and click the back button if they don’t see something of interest or that’s up to date in the first few seconds.

In fact, a recent study shows the average person will wait only 4 to 5 seconds for a page to … Read More

Add Slideshows and Photo Galleries To Your WebStarts website

I recently stumbled across a photo slideshow tool called is a clever photo sharing tools that let’s you easily link your Facebook, Instagram, and other photos to your account to create great looking slideshows and photo galleries. You can even add a music track from Youtube to play while your photos are being displayed. Here’s how you can create a photo slideshow with and then share it on your WebStarts website using the HTML app.

Step … Read More

This Feature Makes Facebook Ads Incredibly Powerful…

The most important ┬árule of thumb when it comes to advertising and marketing is take care of your list. Your customer data is not just part of your business – it is your business. So hopefully you’ve been doing a great job of capturing and storing plenty of contact data from your customers. One of the most powerful pieces of data you can capture is obviously an email address. Email addresses are important because they’re a way to uniquely identify … Read More