3 Reasons Small Business Websites Fail

I hear the story all the time… “I have a friend who’s doing my website”, “I have a cousin who’s doing my website”, “I hired a web guy to do my site”. Small business owners know in this day and age they need to have an online presence but all too often they entrust it to someone else. Often times this person is a buddy or a relative. They think those people have a special skill that’s out of their … Read More

Why Your Website Needs To Accept More Than PayPal

PayPal may seem  like the way to take money online at first glance but there are some problems. Here are three reasons your website needs more than just PayPal when taking payments online.

1. Consumer confidence

When PayPal is the only option for payment on your website it tells would be buyers you’re small time. Anyone can get a PayPal account and the world knows this. When I personally see PayPal as the only payment option I get skeptical. It … Read More

Win The Confidence of Your Site Visitors

There are so many websites on the internet and many of them are ghost towns. That means websites that don’t get regularly updated. There are so many of these it’s become entirely common for people to zone out and click the back button if they don’t see something of interest or that’s up to date in the first few seconds.

In fact, a recent study shows the average person will wait only 4 to 5 seconds for a page to … Read More

Add Slide.ly Slideshows and Photo Galleries To Your WebStarts website

I recently stumbled across a photo slideshow tool called Slide.ly. Slide.ly is a clever photo sharing tools that let’s you easily link your Facebook, Instagram, and other photos to your Slide.ly account to create great looking slideshows and photo galleries. You can even add a music track from Youtube to play while your photos are being displayed. Here’s how you can create a photo slideshow with Slide.ly and then share it on your WebStarts website using the HTML app.

Step … Read More

This Feature Makes Facebook Ads Incredibly Powerful…

The most important ┬árule of thumb when it comes to advertising and marketing is take care of your list. Your customer data is not just part of your business – it is your business. So hopefully you’ve been doing a great job of capturing and storing plenty of contact data from your customers. One of the most powerful pieces of data you can capture is obviously an email address. Email addresses are important because they’re a way to uniquely identify … Read More

How To Build Value When Selling A Product

One of the biggest reasons people make purchases is because they perceive them to be a great value. On the flip side if a potential customer doesn’t see value in your products or services there’s little chance you’re going to close the sale. So how can you help people see the value of your products and services? Here’s a few tips…

Compare the price of your product with the consequences of not purchasing it

Hopefully your product or service solves … Read More

5 Things That Will Make Your Website Conversion Rates Skyrocket

The internet is now the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal… but let me ask. Are you doing everything you can to take advantage of it? Here are 5 things every website owner can do to increase the number of sales they get from their website.

1. Create A Captivating Headline

To win more customers you need to break through the online cutter. With the back button being so readily available at any moment a boring headline just won’t … Read More

Don’t Believe The Hype When It Comes To Web Design

I just read a blog post on one of our competitors websites and it’s inspired me to write a little blog of my own. The blog was about thinking like a designer and went on to provide tips on how to make a website like a designer. After reading the article it’s abundantly clear to me why so many people fail in business. There’s just a lot of bad information out there.

The article started off by saying a key … Read More

What You Need To Know Before Selling Products Online

Before you start selling products online ask this question… Are you looking to sell a single product or are you looking to sell many products?

If you’re looking to sell a single product you shouldn’t spend the time building an online store. Instead put your efforts into finding targeted sources of traffic and driving them to a narrowly focused landing page. By doing this you’ll reduce customer confusion, make an easier checkout process, capture more leads, and ultimately make more … Read More

Are You Doing These 3 Things With Your SEO?

We all want to get better search ranking. After all, better search ranking means more customers for our businesses. However when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) many people forget the basics. Here are the first three things you need to do when optimizing your website for better search engine ranking.

1. Keyword Research

If you don’t know what you’re aiming for – you’re bound to hit it. Knowing the keywords and phrases people use when searching for products … Read More