How To Create A Responsive Design Using WebStarts

responsive design

A responsive website is one that changes layout depending on the device where the site is being viewed. The purpose of responsive design is to give your site visitors the best possible viewing experience regardless of the amount of screen space they have.

With more people viewing websites on the smaller screens of a mobile phone having a responsive website has become even more popular than ever. Many people opt for responsive design on a mobile device because it let’s … Read More

10 Things That Should Be On Every Website


1. Your logo.

Hopefully you have a logo for your business or organization. Logos are important because they’re a visual association to your brand. Your color scheme should also go well with your logo.

2. A headline saying in one sentence what it is your do or what your site is about.

The average person will spend about five seconds looking at a page to figure out whether it’s what they’ve been looking for. Don’t make this a mystery. Come … Read More

5 Steps To Taking Better Website Photos With Your Smartphone


We all want to have a beautiful website. One of the keys to making your website beautiful is great looking photos. But we’re not all professional photographers and don’t all have fancy equipment. So here are 5 steps you can take to taking better website photos with your smartphone.

1. Make sure the lens is free from fingerprints and debris.

When I see people take photos with their smartphone this is the most common mistake. They take it out of … Read More

8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Live


Facebook now lets you share live video broadcasts directly to your timeline. This provides a whole new way to engage with your audience. Here are 8 ways to get the most out of your Facebook Live experience.

1. Tell people when you’re broadcasting.

Build up anticipation by letting your audience know when you’re going to be live online by writing a post on your timeline beforehand. Facebook recommends approximately a days notice will fetch the most viewers.

2. Go live Read More

3 Ways To Improve Your Local Search Ranking


If you’re a local business you probably already know Google has replaced the phone book. Local businesses that don’t show up on the first page of Google are not likely to generate a lot of calls. You need good ranking on search engines like Google to drive traffic to your local business. Here are 3 ways to improve your local search ranking.

1. Claim your Google Business page.

By going to you’ll be able to let Google know important … Read More

10 Things That Should Be On Your Website

for the marriage of

1. A concise headline.

A recent study found when people were asked what’s the most important in a website’s design they said “the website makes it easy for me to find what I want.” And not just by a little bit either. 76% responded with that answer, while the next most important factor, “looks” was only 10%. So you don’t have to have a good looking website, just one that makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking … Read More

10 WebStarts Features That Will Help You Design A Modern Website


In the last two years a lot has changed about the web, and WebStarts has changed along with it. Here is a list of features we’ve rolled out that will help you design a modern website.


Parallax scrolling gives your site a three dimension feel. The parallax effect can be enabled on any full width image strip. Click on the image and then click the settings cog and choose parallax from the drop down menu. You’ll see a couple … Read More

10 WebStarts Apps You Didn’t Even Know About

10 Apps

WebStarts is by far the most feature rich website builder. In fact, one of the biggest challenges we face at WebStarts is helping people know about all the great built-in apps we offer at no additional charge. So today I’m going to share 10 WebStarts apps you didn’t even know about.

1. Calendar

Whether you’re a business, group, individual, or organization, there’s a good chance you need a calendar on your website. A public calendar can help you convey important … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Promoting Your Business On Social Media


Over the years I’ve seen and heard so many people speak about the virtues of promoting your business on social media. What I never hear anyone talk about are some of the reasons promoting your business on social media may not be a good idea. Here are 5 reasons you should avoid promoting your business on social media.

1. It’s a lot of work for little return.

Oh yes, this is most definitely the number one reason you shouldn’t be promoting your … Read More

5 Web Design Principles For 2016

working on site

Designing a website can be a daunting task. After all, it often times requires you to not only create something highly functional but at the same time remarkably beautiful. Here are 5 principles you should be using in your web design to help you achieve those goals.

1. Establishing a goal

It’s important before you begin designing your website to determine a goal. There may be several things you’d like your website to do for you or your business. But … Read More